Support Jessica Reznicek

Support Jessica Reznicek

Join We, The World in supporting Jessica Reznicek and fighting a dangerous legal precedent. WE have signed onto the petition and amicus brief and ask you to do the same!

Who is Jessica?

Jessica is a land and water defender who in 2016 stood up against the Dakota Access Pipeline. After attending public comment hearings, engaging in hunger strikes and boycotts and many more forms of resistance, she knew more needed to be done to protect the water. Her and another individual disabled machinery along the pipeline route. Not only were there no injuries, oil was stopped from flowing for six months!

What happened?

In February of 2021 she pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Damage an Energy Facility but then on June 30th those charges were escalated to domestic terroism. This has resulted in a prison sentence of 8 years, over $3 million dollars in restitution and 3 years of supervised probation. 

Why is this an issue?

A charge of domestic terrorism sets a dangerous legal precedent for those arrested in the future for acts of resistance against pipelines. As Jessica’s website says “Protecting Water is Never Terroism” and we cannot allow a legal basis for this charge to continue. Water is not a “me” issue but a “we” issue. Those protecting water are protecting us all!

How can non-profit organizations help?

Fill out this form and

Check yes to sign the petition

Check yes to send out an email blast to your list

Check yes to be contacted for future help

Check yes to working to recruit others

Check yes to write an amicus brief (due October 26, 2021!)

How can individuals help?

Sign the petition 

Write to Jessica

Share this information with non-profit organizations and other individuals!

How can everyone help?

Jessica’s team has informed us that we can continue to support this fight by…

Write an op-ed for local or national media about how Jessica being labeled a domestic terrorist has dangerous implications for all dissent and climate action nationwide.

Making graphics to share on social media that capture the injustice of Jessica’s case and tell the world “Protecting Water is Never Terrorism!”

 Reaching out to celebrities and other orgs you are close to to see if they are interested in supporting Jessica

Making beautiful art that we could silkscreen onto shirts depicting Jessica and her actions.

Take pictures with signs that say “Free Jessica” “Protecting Water is Never Terrorism” by bodies of water in your community and send them for us to share on social media!

 Host screenings and discussions of Jessica’s 20 minute interview (available on the homepage of

Website to find out more about this topic: 

Let’s do together what we can’t do on our own!

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