Gender Diverse Lives Coalition

Open to organizations, businesses and individuals who are not-cisgender or are allies of the community

Mission Statement

To quash anti-trans legislation and create a nation that is accepting and supportive of all gender diverse people


  1. Stop or reverse anti-trans legislation and elected official statements that have negative impacts on transgender and gender diverse people
  2. Endorse candidates for election who are trans and gender diverse positive
  3. Create ongoing advocacy and organizing campaigns to fight for transgender and gender diverse rights, safety and equity
  4. Build a national community based on support and belonging 


A national campaign rooted in social and political advocacy and organizing virtual and on the ground for transgender and gender-diverse lives. Actions would include rallies, protests, community gatherings and other means of social action. These actions would support objectives one, two and four. 


  1. Halting or reversing State legislation that is anti-transgender or anti-gender diverse
  2. Endorsing and supporting candidates who are transgender and gender diverse supportive. Emphasis will be put on candidates who are transgender or gender diverse themselves
  3. National connections to hubs of transgender/gender diverse folx and allies to build support and belonging while fighting for local rights
  4. Education on transgender/gender diverse issues to break down ignorance and hate

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